Sunday, June 8, 2014

Girls Camp Pillow treats

Once again my girls are getting ready to head out to girls camp and they asked me if they could do pillow treats again. Last year they did them (Check them out HERE) and decided it would be fun to remain anonymous so no one but the leaders knew it was them. The girls at camp started calling it the "Magic Squirrel" Anyway enough about that here is what I am doing this year.

 I was able to get all of my candy for an awesome deal but you could easily buy a big bag of each of them and put them into smaller snack size bags and use the same topper.
 Here is the first one. Swedish fish- You've "oFISHally" made girls camp "fin-tastic"
 Sour patch kids- Girls camp won't be sour with your sweet spirit here.
 Here's a close up so you can see it better.
 Gummy Bears- We are "beary" glad you came to girls camp.

I have one more that I am still working on. So check back soon to see it. If you would like the printable files I would love to share them with you, feel free to leave me a comment, but make sure you include your email address or send me an email.

*For personal use only.Please link back to my original post when using. Do not alter, sell or share in any form, direct interested parties to my website.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Boxes

I was excited that I only had to make valentine boxes for 2 kids this year so apparently I needed something else to take up all the free time.

 I decided Dolittle needed a shirt for preschool, so I made him a shirt and then made one for Princess B as well.

 Here is  Mr.K's Box.
 Dolittle wanted an alligator. He is so excited to take his box to school.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Candy Themed party

This year Boo was having a hard time deciding what to do for her birthday so I started throwing ideas out and the only one she liked was a candy themed party. I had a lot of fun planning it but a little advice...candy is expensive. And yes you may be thinking to yourself isn't her birthday in July? Yes, yes it is, but since we were gone to Philmont for her birthday and then we had a million other things going on this was the only day that worked to have her party on. 

Here is her invitation that I made using photoshop. It is a good thing I took a picture with my phone to send to a friend of mine otherwise I would not have a picture of her invitations. We passed them out without me getting a picture.

Here is our candy buffet. I have been buying candy and jars for the last few months.

I made the banner and labels for the candy jars using Photoshop.

Licorice, pixie sticks, sweet tarts, giant lollipops

m&m's, laffy taffy, starbursts, skittles

air heads, lemon heads, jolly ranchers, swedish fish.

I used plastic plates and balloons wrapped in cellophane to make a candy garland.

We started out with each of the girls  painting a clay pot for our project so we could make sure they had enough time to dry. I am sure you know exactly what we made, but if not I will show you in just a bit.

 Yep we made candy jars that look like bubble gum machines.

They later filled these with all of the candy you saw on the candy buffet.

We played life sized candy land. I  used construction paper and taped it to the side walk for the squares.I was going to use fun foam but decided that either way they were going to get ruined. I used plastic plates stapled together and placed on sticks for our lollipop trail. I planned on wrapping each one in cellophane and tying them with a bow, but I ran out of time.

Here is one of the dice I made. I had another one just like this only each side was a different color. They rolled the colored dice to see what color to move to and if they landed on a pink they rolled this dice to see which person they went to. I printed out another set of the people and placed them at different pink squares along the "game board".

 After we finished a game of candy land we played two more candy games. The first one(no pictures) I took a bowl and filled it with skittles and the girls sat in a circle and reached in the bowl and pulled out two skittles if the colors matched they could eat them, if not they had to hold them in their mouth until they got two that matched. I think Kierra ended up with 18 skittle in her mouth before she was able to eat them.

After that we played the candy bar game...I am sure I have explained this one before since this is a game that both my girls love to play and we have played it at several parties. To play you need a candy bar or two for each person, no duplicates if you can( I did enough for 2 each plus a few so they had a lot of choices, I added gum this time)and two dice. Put the candy bars in the middle of the circle and each player  rolls both dice, if they get a one or a six(not adding the dice together) or doubles they get to pick a candy bar from the middle and then hide it behind their back. When the next player gets a one or six or doubles they can still a candy bar from another player only if they can name the candy bar that player has, or they can take one from the middle. Play continues this way until the kids get tired of it or everyone has what they want.

Every time we play this game there is always one or two candy bars that are in pieces from being traded so many times. This time it was a Hersheys cookies and cream candy bar  and shockers.

 After the game it was time for cake and presents. This is the cake Kierra chose for me to make, which I totally love her for because it was so EASY and I still have yet to master the whole cake decorating thing.

The girls went home with a cute candy dish and a ton of candy. I hope they all had a fun time. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Personal Progress Motivator

B is in the Young Women's presidency and decided that she wanted to encourage the girls to work on Personal Progress each month so we started doing personal progress motivators.

 I found the original idea HERE, but it has since been turned into a private blog.  I found these cute mechanical pencils and made my own calendar then we glued them to card stock using the value colors.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pillow Treats for Girls Camp

My girls are headed to girls camp tomorrow and we thought it would be fun for them to leave "pillow treats" each night for each of the girls. Here is what we did.

 I found the idea HERE but created my own printable to use for it.

 Here is an idea I came up with.

This idea was found HERE but again I made my own printable. 

The girls were so excited to take them to girls camp and try and be sneaky about putting them on each of the girls pillows each night.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunshine Basket

Boo's very best friend learned that she has a growth on her brain and it is leaking blood onto her brain and had to have surgery. She has been worried about her and wanted to get her something so she knew she was thinking about her. So we decided to make her a sunshine basket.
 We went to the store and bought everything we could find that was yellow or in a yellow package. It was harder than you think since her friend can not have dairy(which rules out chocolate) and has braces(which rules out anything chewy).
 We came home and put it all in the Yellow basket we bought(yes I turned around the balloon before we gave it to her...dumb upc).  We added a tag that said, "Sending a little Sunshine your way." Get well soon.  We took it to her once she was home from the hospital and settled in. She is doing great and the surgery went well.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last day of school gifts

Here are the gifts I made for Little mans kindergarten teacher for the last day of school.

I made this photo album using a machine embroidery design for the cover. My original plan was to get all the kids to write the teacher a note and put them in the album and then take a class picture, but I ran out of time.

  I also made this apple banner with his teachers name on it.
Here is a close up. 

 I made these cute otter pop covers for each of the kids in his more paper towels for these kids.  

My printer decided not to work so I ended up having to hand write the tags.